The Story

Brent McDonald is a must see,  singer/songwriter/guitarist from the Atlanta area. Brent grew up just outside of Columbia, SC in a home that raised him on good ol' motown and beach music. After saving up all his money one summer, many years ago, he bought his first guitar, at age 12.....and he has never looked back.

He continued his musical journey through high school, where he wrote his first original songs. This sparked a passion and drive to continue on musical path as he entered into college. Brent attended Lander University, a small liberal arts school, in Greenwood, SC. There he studied music performance with an emphasis in guitar performance. While at Lander, he was a founding member of the regionally successful band, Pause For Effect. During his seven years with PFE, he toured up and down the east coast, released two full length albums, and was featured in Vanity Fair Magazine as one of the top bands for the nationally recognized Budweiser True Music program. In addition, PFE shared the stage with Billboard charting acts such as Maroon 5, Tonic, Better Than Ezra, and Edwin name a few. Finally, after much success with PFE, Brent decided to continue as a solo artist and left the band in 2005.

Since his departure from Pause For Effect, Brent has steadily remained true to his passion and desire to create positive music. Through honest lyrics and well crafted melody, he delivers each song as a snapshot into his life. He strives to write what he knows and only pour truth and experience into every aspect of his songwriting. This is evident in his two independent releases, Breaking Ground(2005) and Now Or Never(2008).

He also has ventured into writing children's music as well. Having three children of his own certainly provides many hours of entertainment and just as much inspiration to draw upon. Brent used that inspiration to write the opening track, entitled Daydream, on "A Place For Us" cd released as a fundraiser for Palmetto Richland Children's Hospital in Columbia, SC. After the Daydream song, Brent was able to work with the Palmetto Richland Children's Hospital for two years. He headed up the artist booking, as performing for the "Rockin' Out For The Kids" program, which is a monthly concert held for the children being treated at Palmetto Richland. Brent describes the experience as, "The most rewarding, humbleing, and emotional gig you can ever have. The staff at the hospital is just amazing and the kids are the most visual display of courage and strength that I will probably see in my lifetime. If I could play only one more show for the rest of my life, it would be a Rockin' Out For the Kids concert....hands down."

Today, Brent has immersed himself into the Atlanta music scene playing four to five nights a week in multiple bands or performing as a solo artist. In addition to performing, he also owns and operates The Echo Mill Recording Studio just outside of Atlanta, GA.  His recording projects include multiple local artists as well as some from around the country.  Since moving to Atlanta Brent has earned a spot on the Sailing Southern Ground (Zac Brown Band Cruise) playing guitar for local icon Franscico Vidal, performed at the new Buckhead Theater (formerly The Roxy), and landed an opening support act in October 2011 on the first ever "Kiss Kruise 2011" with the legendary band KISS!

Since 2017, Brent has also co-owned, co-produced, and managed the very successful Christmas production titled, Christmas Back Home.  With an all-star lineup of some of Georgia's most elite musicians, he has helped take the show from a 1 show performance to a 9 show tour in just under 4 years.  Thousands of people around the Southeast have come to share in the spirit of Christmas with Christmas Back Home.

-Brent McDonald

" tricks, no gimmicks, just the music"